Hey Everybody, 

Thanks for stopping by!!! So much is going on musically...finally.  

I’ve managed to do some virtual recordings for my upcoming project., and even a video for the first single, "We Should Be In Love (Silhouette)". The single will drop in early January 2022.  We had originally planned to release an EP in summer 2021, but with so much going on, I opted to wait until January. 2022 and release a 10 SONG ALBUM, instead of an EP. I'm doing a lot of writing for this one, too, including the first single.

My last EP "Sincerely Yours", produced by Grammy nominated producer Chris 'Big Dog' Davis, did wonderfully. I was ecstatic when it made the pre-Grammy ballot in the Best Jazz Vocal Album category. Our single in summer 2019 "Moments" was a smash and gave me my 3rd single to hit the Billboard Chart. 

Now it's time to ramp back up and go for another winner!! Chris is at the helm again, but I also have Grammy Award winning guitarist/producer Paul Brown producing...and playing on at least one song.  I couldn’t be more excited and grateful to have these two on board!!!

Also, my crowd funding Go Fund Me site for this project is still very much active, so please make a donation of you can. Now that I'm doing an album instead of an EP your contributions really will make a difference.


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