It's 'bout that time. 

Despite the craziness around the world, It's time for me to try to get some normalcy back in my life, which means I need to get back in the studio and, at some point, back on stage.  

To that end, I've started a crowd-funding campaign NEW MUSIC IN 2021-LET'S GO!!

As an independent artist it's quite costly to put out a really good project. My last EP "Sincerely Yours", produced by Chris 'Big Dog' Davis, did wonderfully. I was ecstatic when it made the pre-Grammy ballot in the Best Jazz Vocal Album category. Our single in summer 2019 "Moments" was a smash and gave me my 3rd single to hit the Billboard Chart. 

Now it's time to ramp back up and go for another winner!!

I started a crowd-funding campaign because I really want to include you in the process.  So, take a look at the campaign and, if you can, help me make this happen!! Thanks in advance. 

Here's the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/New-Music-in-2021-LETS-GO

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